Side Hustle. Unrelated to the dance move your Uncle Harry stepped out to in the 70s, a Side Hustle is a money-making project you pursue while you have a full-time gig. If you already have one and are tapped into the thriving gig economy, well done. If you’re looking for another stream of income… You’re our type of go-getter, too.

So where do you start? Here’s an unexpected answer: Hollywood.

Starring George Clooney & Jessica Alba.

Both mega stars. Both multi-millionaires from their respective movies. Both… made more from their side hustles than their movie careers. We kid you not.


House of Friends… Rich friends.

Let’s start with Batman. He and his buddies had vacation homes in Cabo, Mexico and because they could, decided to make their own tequila. Creating a brand called Casamigos (aka “house of friends”) these three didn’t just create one of the world’s finest tasting tequilas after several years of perfecting some private-label stock – they recently sold their company to Diageo for upwards of $1 billion. (Yes, you read that right.) All by staying open to possibility and, you guessed it, hustling on the side.


Honesty = best policy

Jessica Alba. One of the most recognizable faces in the world thanks to hits like Little Fockers and Sin City to name a few. In 2012, Jessica was pregnant but super-frustrated by the lack of transparent companies making products for her future LO. Which is why the Honest Company was born. It’s been an uphill struggle at times, but Jessica has always been in it for the long haul – and for the right reason – to make safer products for parents. Her side hustle started by fulfilling a need in the market. Current valuation? $1 billion.

Hustle Up.

Actors often have to fund their careers the old-fashioned way: waiting tables, driving trucks and selling shoes. Kind of ironic that George and Jessica kept their curiosity, optimism and goals high - and hit it big doing something they loved. Proving that all you really need for a successful side hustle is an area of passion and some decent moves.

At Every, we think that no matter how well your business or career is going, a Side Hustle makes good financial sense. It diversifies you into two streams of income. It keeps you open to new ideas and skill-sets. And it may just lead to you to bigger opportunities than your day job.