For our second city spotlight, we’re rolling through Detroit, Michigan. A city renowned for its motor vehicles and music, it’s now a hotbed for the creative class, too. Hey, with highly affordable space for lease, plenty of access to capital, collaboration opportunities and all the inspiring things, it’s no surprise. Culture. Art. Food. Tech. Sport. The best American-made watch company either side of the Mississippi. You name it, Detroit has it.

Hitsville, USA.

Formerly America’s fourth largest metropolis, Detroit has experienced its share of political, social and economic challenges. The thing is, the more we explore, the more we’re excited about what’s next. There’s something so essential about this sprawling metropolis. Eminem once said, “Detroit | there is a resilience that rise from somewhere deep within your streets | you can’t define it, but you can feel it”. And we believe it. On that tip, let’s take a closer look at some of the city’s most interesting businesses.


Local art, global acclaim.

If you love original art, you really owe yourself a jag over to 1x run. Run by a collective full of passionate art lovers and smart folks based in the historic (and prolific) Eastern Market district, it’s one of the world’s best online places to find homegrown limited-edition prints, daily.


Join the Circus

The world is changing faster than ever. No clowning. That’s why we love the big tent full of tech-awesome coming out of Grand Circus. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your skills or start a new, lion-taming career as a software dev, this is the spot in D-town to do it. They’re even hooked up with Google for Entrepreneurs.


Heroic Sandwiches

Food trucks may not be brand new, but Hero or Villain are doing an epic job of bringing good food to the Arsenal of Democracy. Your day may be merely mortal, but these guys will make your lunch taste anything but... How can you not feel super after crushing a sandwich named Wolverine?

For more than a decade, the ad campaign “Pure Michigan” (narrated by Tim Allen), has brought in millions of tourists who are checking out the arts scene in Detroit and enjoying the serenity of Michigan’s lakes. Now, it’s not just visitors in fanny packs that are showing up to Hockeytown, it’s some of the country’s cool kids packing their Chromebooks and their big ideas. Whatever the near future holds for the work-in-progress that is Detroit we’ll always be rooting for it.